POP Peeper: The future of Lycos support

February 16, 2011
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As of right now, I don’t know if I will continue to support Lycos. Here are the outstanding reasons why:
1) They don’t provide free email addresses anymore; this severely limits the number of people for whom PP support would benefit. If I didn’t already support Lycos, I wouldn’t even consider supporting it due to this reason.
2) They have changed their interface 2 times recently. While this is not a major deal breaker (I’ve gotten used to it with Hotmail and Yahoo in years past), it’s certainly a contributing factor. But, to me, it smells of desperation. They were using Zimbra which is a well-organized and popular email platform. I had never heard of anyone complaining about the Lycos-Zimbra interface; well, no more than when any interface changes, and if you remember the MyWay->BlueTie debacle, and they’re STILL using BlueTie… well, it just makes me suspicious of Lycos’ reason. I suspect that the royalties they pay to Zimbra outweigh the money they’re making from premium subscriptions.

#2 is only speculation and is not enough on its own to justify terminating Lycos support. #1, on the other hand, is very relevant. It takes a lot of time to add support for a brand new interface and how many people are still using Lycos free accounts? A handful or two at most, I suspect. The time spent supporting something that benefits a very limited number of users could be better spent supporting features that benefit the masses.

This is not a final decision, nor an easy one to make; I don’t like the idea of ending support for an existing service. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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  1. The reason MUST be financial.

    I suggest the following:

    1. Check out the new interface: if it’s relatively easy to convert, do it; otherwise drop it.

    2. It may be that if the new one does not work they’ll go back to free addresses, in which case you can start support it again.

  2. Being one of the few remaining (free) users of Lycos, for over a decade, I am not entirely happen, but I do understand your point.

    I was not entirely happy with the Zimbra interface, my main concern was that SPAM was completely blocked and never arrived in my mailbox (in a spam folder obviously). Also there was no way to adjust the spam filter and I’m pretty convinced several mails – false positives – never reached me.

    Since the new interface SPAM arrives again in a separate folder, so at least I can have a look a that again.

    Anyway, many, many thanks for PopPeeper that

  3. … has helped me tremendously for the past few years.

  4. I too will be sorry if PP stops supporting Lycos but fully understand the reasons for doing so. Like Felix I go back a long way with Lycos (long before it became Lycos)

    My [free] accounts will have to be fully forwarded\transfered to another mail just to be safe. I will have to JUST find the time or I could be in deep sh**.

  5. Erniek,

    With the new Lycos GUI you can forward your mails in ‘mail settings’ and decide if you keep a copy or delete it.

    I now forward my mails to my regular POP3/IMAP account.
    The mails that land in SPAM are not forwarded, so you need to check the webmail from time to time. (You have to do that anyway not to have your account deleted, so it says in their agreements).

  6. Jeff, thanks for your efforts to support Lycos. I know you done a lot! For me, it’s hasta la vista Lycos. Been with them forever but lately they’ve been toooo much trouble.

    PopPeeper is a GREAT program, with great support so thanks again for your efforts!

  7. Thank you for supporting Lycos so far, Jeff. I have long been with Lycos and I somehow feel attached to that mail, but if you stop using it I’ll probably just forward my mails to a Pop3 account.

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Don’t forget, the current v3.8 RC supports the ability to Archive/save existing messages. One of the main reasons for adding this feature into v3.8 (instead of v4, which it was originally targeted for) was to have a means to permanently store messages for accounts that may no longer be accessible; specifically, mail.com announced that some of its domains will no longer be maintained.
    Another option is to pay their premium service ($5/month) and download them via POP or have another email service like GMail POP your account and backup your messages.

  9. Yeah, I’ve now given up on Lycos. During the years that I used them, others have come along that are better…Zoho, GMX, Gmail, just to name a few, and they all work well with Pop Peeper.

    Jeff, thank you for all your work. I fully agree that Lycos is no longer worth supporting.

    I hope all of us who use and appreciate Pop Peeper will remember to share financially in its further development.

  10. I have a free Lycos acct (since 2004?) that I check only now and then (maybe once a month) as it’s one of my “throwaway” accts used for some newsletters/sites that I don’t want to have clogging up my normal acct.

    So while losing PP access isn’t all that important to me in the overall scheme of things, it would be nice to maintain but I also understand the ‘return on investment’ aspect.

    Maybe I’ll try the forwarding to another acct solution….

  11. hi – I have a Lycos account (Mailcity, actually) since 2000, and poppeeper was a great resource.
    Lycos re-designed the interface recently (march 2011), leaving Zimbra for their new one. if you can keep the support for it, it would be great.
    thanks for the great work!!!

  12. no way to update Lycos interface?

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