POP Peeper v4.3

October 25, 2016

POP Peeper v4.3 is now available.  This update addresses issues with DPI and other bug fixes and adds some minor features including the capability to add notes to your accounts.


Version changes

If you have registered the Plus Pack, it is recommended that you use the Product Request form instead of using the above download link so that you can get v4.3 of both POP Peeper and the Plus Pack in a single installer:

Product request form


2 Responses to “POP Peeper v4.3”

  1. Hello. I use POP Peeper with the tray icon set to “rotate number of new messages for each account.” After upgrading to 4.3, I find the tray icon text difficult to read.

    The changelog states that the font was changed to increase legibility. Unfortunately on my system, this new font is rendered only one pixel wide and without anti-aliasing. I made a GIF to demonstrate how it appears. https://mtsutro.org/t/2016-10-29.gif

    Is there a way to increase the font’s weight? Or alternately, to select any locally-installed font?

    Thank you for a great piece of software!

  2. I’ve been reviewing this and I think it can be improved. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to email you to get further input.

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