POP Peeper v4 beta 9

December 20, 2013

Beta 9 is now available. This update contains over 100 changes since beta8, mostly bug fixes and tweaks to existing features. There is also an update for the add-on pack.

Some of the notable features in this release (since beta 8) include:

  • HTML messages can now be zoomed
  • Colored envelopes on tray icon are slightly larger

If you have not yet installed the beta, please read the following entry first:

Download links:
Download POP Peeper v4 (exe)
Download Premium Add-on Pack (exe) (requires purchase/license *)
Download Premium Add-on Pack (zip) (requires purchase/license *)
* – note that if you’ve previously purchased the add-on pack, your license is still valid and you do not need to purchase it again.

The full list of changes in beta 9 (since beta 8):

New: Option to show/hide the junk banner in view-message
New: Option to show basic/advanced details on junk banner in view-message (default basic information: evaluated as junk/legit and user; no weight or filter details)
New: PPtweaker option to specify the secondary sort column (default remains date-descending)
New: Messages viewed in HTML can now be Zoomed, under Options menu (setting is saved for next message)
New: New option in View-message to "re-download message" should make the task of "removing message" easier when necessary
New: When messages get marked as 'Ignored' by AntiJunk (ie. evaluated as junk), a red mailbox will be displayed in the trayicon (new email icon has priority); also, the number of 'ignored' messages will be displayed in the tooltip when you hover over the trayicon
New: Option to define a sound to play for ignored messages (Options / Notification)
Misc: Once an ini file is upgraded to v4.0, it will not try to upgrade/convert again (in the event that PPv3 is run using the same data path)
Misc: SelectSendAccount: text for "use selected account" button is now left-justified instead of centered
Misc: added: "X-Delivered-to" to the default list of headers to work with aliases
Misc: View-message banners will now consistently appear in the same position relative to each other (ie. spam-banner above html/unblock-banner)
Misc: Toolbar tooltips now append the keyboard shortcut
Misc: "check mail" and "view all messages" added to non-advanced context menu for nil-account in Accounts List
Misc: added "server info (all)" to advanced context menu for nil-account in Accounts List
Misc: View-Message: context menu will appear if right-click on the existing user-flag on bottom-left (err top-right) (in addition to existing left-click opening menu)
Misc: View-Message: "User flag" submenu added to "Messages" menu
Misc: "User flag" popout menu added to context menu in message list (previously only displayed if you right-click on the user flag column)
Misc: View-Message: "User flag" now appears on top-right instead of bottom-left
Misc: Added tooltips to the message and account list headers (useful for icon columns; narrow columns)
Misc: AntiJunk: when marking message as black/white-list, it will automatically mark the message as junk/legit
Misc: AntiJunk: when reporting spam, it will automatically mark the message as junk
Misc: AntiJunk: Can now access 'Settings' directly (new menu item under Tools / AntiJunk)
Misc: MOTD now supports clickable links (side-effect: white background for text)
Misc: Error overview: Web test now includes local timezone when use 'copy'
Misc: AntiJunk Display stats: subfilters only display "hit" and "false-hits" instead of "eval-spam/legit" and "false-pos/neg"; also, white/black list subfilters were showing 0 for the "processed" value
Misc: AnitJunk: removed use of terms "good" and "bad" when referring to Bayesian trained messages; changed to "legit" and "junk" for consistency
Misc: Some slight changes to how PP determines default ini location when creating a new ini file via Ini Manager (ie. if install folder is read-only); similar changes to setup wizard
Misc: Magnifying glass has been removed from the "view message" icons (above message list and toolbar) to avoid possible confusion with "search"
Misc: "Delete All" messages prompt now has a "don't ask again" checkbox
Misc: View-Message window: text "Files" changed to "Attached" (when there are attachments; "attachments" is too long, in case you were wondering)
Misc: Added Hotmail's imap server to auto-configure, and updated POP3/SMTP server addresses
Misc: Messages that are attempted to be forwarded, are known to have attachments and the entire message has not been retrieved will display a warning
Misc: "Mime-Version: 1.0" is now added to every header that PP sends; Eudora requires it to display Quoted-Printable (yes, Eudora)
Misc: WOT: Added a 'help' button to the URL window
Misc: Create Account Wizard will now show "available presets..." text for email addresses that have preset server addresses
Misc: If message contains multiple message/rfc822 "attachments" then selecting save-all will popup an error instead of opening each message one at a time
Misc: removed "(Is SSL Plugin loaded?)" text from SSL-related errors unless the SSL plugin really isn't loaded
Misc: Added ' to htmlref.dat
Misc: "Force Work Online" (PPtweaker option) now defaults to Enabled
Misc: Sorting by junk score now handles negative values as expected
Misc: Junk evaluation column now uses junk score as basis for sort-ordering (more consistent/expected results)
Misc: New option to override "display images" for Smart HTML view; by default, this option will show images
Misc: Slight optimization in loading DLLs
Misc: More information will be provided when attempt to explore sent/archived/deleted fails; for example, if you use "view deleted" and the option to save deleted messages isn't enabled, it will ask if you want to enable it
Misc: "Do you want to save Deleted/Sent" will be prompted when applicable when using similar SMV action
Misc: New Hotmail accounts will default to using imap
Misc: Pressing 'j' or 'l' (or any single-key macro) when Accounts List has focus will allow search and not call macro
Misc: Junk View toolbar button modifications: less busy; greater contrast between off and on; new highlight graphic indicates unread messages are filtered; pressing the button in this case will determine the best view to show the filtered messages
Misc: Default Junk View is now set to Legit&Unknown
Misc: Junk View added to "Messages" main toolbar
Misc: Junk View "toggle to previous view" can be assigned a keyboard shortcut in PPtweaker (e.g. backspace)
Misc: Slightly increased size of envelopes in Tray Icon
Misc: SendMail: Date/Time column has been added to "Outbox"
Misc: SendMail: Messages in the Outbox that have not been edited in 3+ days will not be sent to allow user to review it
Fix: Updated PpHelper.exe to not rely on MS C-Runtime v9 (22K->70K)
Fix: Updated zip.dll to not rely on MS C-Runtime v9 (53K->108K)
Fix: Replying from a loaded eml message would not use the sending-account as selected (would use first account)
Fix: Spell-checker: when typing (usually with lots of text), the busy cursor may flash off/on
Fix: In certain conditions, the 'Check mail' toolbar button was not correctly added to the default when upgrading from v3
Fix: When the email-header charset conflicts with the HTML-specified charset, the email header will override (previously, only utf-8 would override)
Fix: When changing Database storage (none/headers/entire), it was possible for an empty message box to prompt user in certain cases (e.g. entire->none->entire)
Fix: AntiJunk: if removing an item from black/white-list, a cross-check will not be performed (ie. if removing blacklist that was also in whitelist, it would prompt as if you were adding to the blacklist)
Fix: Right-clicking on the header of certain message list columns was not using the header-specific menu
Fix: Potential fix for message list losing track of selected items, which may affect certain computers (delete focus issue)
Fix: AntiJunk: Plugin name (ie. in Plugins list and toolbar button) renamed to "AntiJunk" for consistency (note: file \Themes\Toolbar\Main_P-JunkFilter_Junk Filter.bmp must be manually removed, tho it won't hurt anything)
Fix: Reply-All logic for determining recipients was not considering the automated "from" alias and would unnecessarily include the alias as a recipient
Fix: Right-clicking in compose window won't select next word if you right-click on empty space
Fix: Upgrade wizard now better-handles scenarios where destination folder is write-protected (e.g. using portable under C:\Program Files)
Fix: If not using an "elastic" column in the message list, the blank area on the right may appear gray instead of white (apparent when using Classic theme)
Fix: Quoted-Printable encoded messages will fix non-equal CRLF issues (rare)
Fix: Doing SaveAs from View-Message will remove non-safe characters from the default filename
Fix: Imap/Idle accounts may believe they're connected after resuming from system standby, thus causing these accounts to not checkmail
Fix: Message number limits for POP3 and Imap were retrieving the oldest messages instead of newest
Fix: Imap now better supports unsolicited BYE responses from server with error; Example error text: "Server unexpectedly disconnected (Server said BYE: Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more information. [2013-09-17 11:49:25])"
Fix: Color picker window would appear on left display even if pressed on right display in multi-monitor environment
Fix: Compose window was not adhering to "use multi-monitor" setting (it would force display on primary monitor)
Fix: Improved upgrade process when poppeeper.ini is in the "Program Files" folder
Fix: Messages that contain html tags before the tag would prevent POP Peeper from opening links in a new window (note: these "pre-html" tags are usually web bugs in newsletters)
Fix: Probable crash if using Skin Notifier to open message and desktop alert was also open; there are possibly other scenarios that this would fix (ie. not directly related to desktop alert)
Fix: AntiJunk: message dates that cannot be processed will not be considered for +Date rules

AntiJunk Tweaks:
- Changed default weight for white list from -1.0 to -1.5

- misc changes to Hotkeys UI
- added 'hide message' as available hotkey
- moved AntiJunk hotkeys from "mail list" to "main"
- added show-eval, re-eval, test-sandbox to main and message hotkeys
- Shortcuts page: "Main" and "Mail list" will now cross-check each other for already-in-use checks

Voice notifier:
- Previously used wrong header file caused side-effect of lines in treectrl of Options, but could potentially cause more serious side-effects
- Added "Stop current voice" command to existing "Speech" menus (previously, only "Stop reading" was available which wouldn't stop notifications)
- Voice notifications will wait until accounts are done processing AND internal sounds have played before speaking (PROS: no simultaneous sound/voice [more predominant with new sound options for errors and ignore]; the issue with having to tell voice notifier to stop multiple times when multiple new messages are received should no longer be a factor; CONS: when receiving many messages, the voice would start speaking before other notifications and could be useful for some users

- enchancements and fixes, including: support for tag (e.g. podcasts); alternative article link
- fix: for when URL is edited (ie. if you retrieve messages and then update the server/URL, PP will still grab messages from the original URL [it will *also* get messages from the new URL])
- fix: sender/from will be encoded when necessary (e.g. utf-8 encoding)

Sent Mail Viewer:
- double-clicking on folder will toggle collapse/expand
- setting for "Search in results" was a little buggy/inconsistent (maybe still not perfect...)
- For "Find in messages" window, changed layout of dates and sizes to make more logical sense, e.g. when supplying both dates as "between these two dates"
- messages opened from SMV and then use "Save message as" for that message was using Main PP window as parent window instead of the ViewMessage window
- If the POP Peeper instance that created the SMV instance exits, SMV will exit

Add-on Pack (general):
- In certain conditions, some components may not have recognized Activation (SMV, voice)
- "Imap folders" can now be used to auto-create an account for each selected folder

13 Responses to “POP Peeper v4 beta 9”

  1. Hi 🙂

    thank you very much !
    i look forward to the final 🙂

    best regards

  2. p.s.:Suggestions: 16/24/43 Size of the Tool/TconBar(Variable Size?) ? and an “Configuration-Icon/’s” for Programm On the ToolBar, for easy call the Configurationmenu without need the Textbar (File/show/accounts/eMails…..), making the Textbar maybe visible/unvisible like the Icon/Toolbar ..
    best regards

  3. v4 does provide the user the capability to create almost any toolbar button that you want to add. For more information, Open the help file (Help / Contents) and then look under General information / add new toolbar buttons.

  4. Can we use the spell checker yet?

  5. The “Pro” version of POP Peeper is still in beta testing, but (as always) it is getting closer!

  6. Hi, Jeff and thank you for the fixes and updates in beta 9, especially for the secondary sorting we’ve been talking about – it works fine!

    There’s a problem with the site at the time of writing: can’t access the Webmail plug-in on any of the two addresses. I’m not using it currently but I like to stay up to date, just in case. Can’t do the update from within POPPeeper, because I have no default browser set in the registry (that’s a means of protection) so the program can’t direct me to the proper link(s). Maybe a good idea would be to present the user with a choice of installed browsers retrieved from registry or just use the one set in its options, if any.

    Unfortunately I got a bigger problem that seems to have deepened with beta 9. As you may remember, my bandwidth is most of the time capped at ~14kbps. As such, connection may fail sometimes, considering other hungry applications such as the browser. Thing is, my AOL account – which is my main account – fails way too often (usually with a SSL or timeout error) compared to the three Yahoo accounts. Too many times I actually have to restart POPPeeper, because resetting the error and trying to reconnect would constantly fail. Dunno the reason or how to debug this.

    Another related problem is with (very) large attachments. I already increased the timeout for POP3/IMAP and SMTP to an insane 9000 seconds and Webmail/HTTP to 1800 seconds, however retrieval of the messages with large attachments fails, which brings the whole message retrieval loop to a halt. I actually had to connect to the kludgy AOL web interface once, forward the large message to an e-mail account unused in POPPeeper, delete the original message and restart POPPeeper, in order to get the rest of the unread messages.

    Therefore I was thinking:
    – can there be separate timeout values for connection and message retrieval?
    – can you implement an option to skip retrieving messages larger than [___] kB/MB ?

    One last thing: again too often, when deleting multiple messages – say a few dozens – from the list (deleted messages saving is enabled), I get an ‘out of memory’ error and sometimes POPPeeper just crashes. I’ve looked and there’s enough free space on the HDD for saving files but I only got 512MB of RAM and the browser “eats” way too much, so that may be a reason. Also, it used to try and bring up Dr.Watson but that one would just hang indefinitely; lately it doesn’t do that anymore – can’t remember if I disabled it or it only happened in beta 8. Is there any other way to debug this error?

    Anyway, apart from these troubles I’m quite happy with POPPeeper so thank you again for all the efforts you put into it! 😉

    Oh and just to be clear, knowing that I’m a Win9x fan at the core: all the above happens on a XP-SP3 English system.

    All the best and good luck ahead! 🙂

  7. I tested the links for the webmail update in IE and Firefox with no problems. Try it again and let me know if it’s still a problem; otherwise, it was probably just a temporary glitch on the server.

    Contact me via email for the AOL/timeout and the deleting issue.

    I would not advise setting the timeout that high. If you have a proxy (like an AV) that is not telling PP that it’s receiving data and allowing PP to timeout, you may want to consider disabling that proxy. Things will probably work much better and you’ll still be protected from viruses by your AV’s real-time scanner; if it offers additional protection via phishing, etc, you will have to take that into consideration.

    You can setup a rule to skip large messages. What you’d do is set the account or account-type to retrieve headers-only (or preview) and then create a rule that checks the message’s “+Size” and if it’s “< 50000" (bytes), set an action to "retrieve entire message." Let me know if you need more help setting it up, and I'd appreciate it if you got back to me to let me know how it works for you.

  8. Sorry for the delay, I was hoping the platform would send reply notifications – the WordPress Jetpack plug-in would be of help for that.

    Download links seem to work now; it may have been a server glitch, as you say, or a bug in some Firefox plug-in on my side. Browsing the web nowadays without being assaulted by advertising has gotten close to genetical engineering, but – you know: the more complex the software, the more bug-prone.

    There’s no proxy or AV on my machine(s) whatsoever so there’s nothing that I know of to interfere with the mail protocol(s). But retrieving a message with a 10MB attachment (say 2-3 large pictures) on a 14kbps connection would take a very long time so a large timeout would be needed.

    Can’t find a place to set up rules. If that’s in the add-on pack, I’m doomed; I wish I could afford it but can’t, for several reasons. 🙁

    Will get in touch by mail (my address is already in the message header here and we’ve already exchanged a few messages some time ago). 😉

  9. Thanks for the new beta version!

    Just a simple request for next time – can you put all those general antiJunk updates under “AntiJunk Tweaks”? The current approach makes the antiJunk updates take over the general change list.

  10. You should only have to put up with it one more time, if all goes well. The change notes for betas are primarily for internal use so I can look back to see when a particular change was implemented to see if it caused a problem. I try to organize them a little, but I don’t go out of my way to make it pretty.

  11. BTW, here’s a weird issue. Upon installing it over Beta v8, it asked to re-activate the premium pack. Once I did, it still displayed errors – BTW, what’s “Professional”?:



  12. Did you install the latest v4 add-on pack?
    As for “Professional” (which should actually be labeled “Pro” for the sake of consistency) — this was first announced here:
    POP Peeper v4.0 news

  13. I actually didn’t try to install the latest add-on pack until later on. That reminds me of another request – in the beta download page, please also add version numbers to the add-on pack.

    The blog posts and download page don’t make it clear you also update the add-on pack when you update PP itself.

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