POP Peeper v4.1

February 24, 2016

POP Peeper v4.1 will be available soon (edit: POP Peeper v4.1.1 is now available).  The following venues will get early access:
Donors’ mailing list, general newsletter, Facebook & Twitter (in the future, Pro licensees will also get early notification)
Once released to the public, notifications will be updated in this blog post, the forum and you’ll get a notification from POP Peeper (if enabled under Help / About).


Here’s a summary of the major changes in POP Peeper v4.1:

  • IMAP supports read/unread synchronization with the server
  • IMAP messages can be moved to another folder on the server (requires Pro)
  • Profile pictures (requires Pro or Plus Pack)
  • Signatures for outgoing mail
  • Hide read messages on a per-account basis
  • Improved HTML rendering
  • IMAP performance optimizations

Additional, notable changes in v4.1:

  • IMAP messages can be deleted to a custom folder (requires Pro)
  • IMAP folders can be created on the server (requires Pro)
  • Option to display time until next mail check in tray icon tooltip (Tools / PPtweaker / Misc)
  • SendMail: draft will auto-save every 3 minutes
  • Web of Trust (Pro) changes, including an improved layout and option to “Do not prompt for the selected domain”
  • Voice notification can be tested for an existing message, useful after making changes to the syntax or substitutions (right-click on message: Speech -> Test notification)

For a complete list of changes in v4.1, see the version history

Detailed information on select updates:

IMAP read/unread synchronization: Note that if you are upgrading POP Peeper, this option is disabled by default (it is enabled by default for new users or new settings).  See this FAQ for more information.

IMAP move messages: Messages can now be moved to other folders on the server for easier management (IMAP accounts only).  This is especially useful to quickly move old messages into an “Archive” folder so that you only see the most recent messages.  There is a tutorial video on youtube available: https://youtu.be/eXiqayWhSOQ

Profile pictures: The new Profile Pictures plugin (available only with Pro or the Plus Pack) displays an image representing the sender when you view messages.  The image is automatically retrieved from Facebook, Google+, Gravatar or you can assign a custom image located on your computer or a URL address.  The address book has new fields for Facebook or Google+, so if you edit a contact and provide their username, POP Peeper will automatically retrieve their profile picture and display it.

Signatures: When using POP Peeper to send email, you can now include a signature.  Signatures can be assigned globally (Tools / Options / Send Mail) or per-account (edit account / Send Mail).

Hide read messages per-account: POP Peeper has always allowed you to hide read messages so that only unread messages appear in the list, but now you can set that option per-account.  What’s even better: you don’t have to disable the option to see the read messages, just view that account’s messages using the “View” dropdown above the message list.  This option is available under (edit account / Advanced); be sure to enable Advanced Options first (Tools / Options / General).

Improved HTML rendering: As HTML continues to improve, some messages, particularly some newsletters, may use advanced HTML that POP Peeper didn’t always display correctly.  POP Peeper now uses the current version of Internet Explorer that is installed on your system to display HTML.  If you still have problems with certain email, make sure that IE is up-to-date; in some cases IE-9 or 10 may be required but, in general, at least IE8 is recommended.

IMAP performance optimizations: Most notably, the performance gains will be most apparent when POP Peeper has to retrieve many new messages/headers from the server at a time.  For example, retrieving 1000 headers on v4.0 may have taken about 4-5 minutes; the same headers on the same system will take about 10 seconds in v4.1 (actual performance will vary by computer, of course).

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  1. The original post was edited to include a video tutorial for the new feature that allows moving messages to other folders on the IMAP server: https://youtu.be/eXiqayWhSOQ

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