POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Imap upload part 2

July 26, 2018

After announcing the “Imap upload” feature last week, I realized that it relied too much on knowing “how it worked.”  That is, if you didn’t know that you could drag&drop .eml files from Windows Explorer onto the Account List, you may never know that this feature existed.  And, once you had the “upload” window open, there was no indication that you could drag&drop *more* files onto the window (or how to remove messages from being uploaded).  So, an “upload” item was added to the main ‘File’ menu and the window was re-designed:







If that was all that changed, then I wouldn’t bother posting an update.  But while on the topic of dragging&dropping messages, I decided that the current method of using a toolbar button to move messages to a different folder was not very user-friendly.  So you can now drag&drop messages from the message list onto an account/folder:

If the folder that you want to move the messages to doesn’t exist in POP Peeper, you can simply drag the messages on to your main account and POP Peeper will ask you what folder you want to move the messages into (or create a new folder).

Currently, you cannot move messages from one email address to a different email address using this method (although it could be done using Archive combined with the new Imap Upload feature), but let me know if this is something you’re interested in — this could be added into a v5.x release if it’s useful for enough people.


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