POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Print and Imap Upload

July 18, 2018

If you’ve ever used the “Print” button to print a message, you may have been surprised that it started printing immediately without letting you choose the printer and always in a plain text format.  Printing is getting some much needed attention in version 5.  Printing enhancements include:

  • Print “what you see” — HTML, Rich or Plain text
  • Select which printer to use before printing
  • Print just a range of pages
  • Print preview is available for HTML





IMAP upload / Save sent:
This feature allows you to upload saved messages (.eml) to any of your IMAP accounts.  As a separate but related feature, this capability also provides the option to save messages to your online “Sent” folder when you use POP Peeper to send email.

Uploaded messages retain the original message source, so it’s often a much better solution than forwarding a message.  This may seem like a specialized feature, but here are some use-case scenarios:

  • Recover deleted messages
  • Transfer messages from one account to another
  • Archive messages to an online account that only exist in your local email client







5 Responses to “POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Print and Imap Upload”

  1. Very nice improvements. For the v.6, it may be interesting to modernize the look (and do ergonomy) of the application. Postbox did a great job as did GMail too. But I suppose that priority goes to functionalities and I can understand that.

  2. Nooo Don’t change the look to more flat or more whitespace or more Metro/modern/Win10. Those looks all suck for packing information into the available space. Only reason to have a different look is because of mobile platform with touch interface, and that is a different app.

  3. Well… it’s difficult for me to comment on something that relates to a feature that hasn’t been announced yet . But let’s say that I agree with both of you and I would love to hear your feedback when said announcement is announced…

    As for the comment about ergonomics — I feel that PP is already more usable than most web-based apps (e.g. it provides keyboard shortcuts for most things and it allows you to change them if you don’t like the existing shortcuts), but if you have specific examples — please let me know (forum or email would be preferred).

  4. Sorry, I won’t comment anymore off topic.

  5. Li-An, I think you may have misunderstood my reply — all I meant is that there is a feature that has to do with your discussion, but hasn’t been formally announced yet and I’ve been tight-lipped about so far.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding — please don’t hesitate to post your suggestions!

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