POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Themes

October 19, 2018

Theme: Dark

Theme: Dark (View message)

Theme: Dark (Compose)









Themes will be available in v5.0, so if you don’t like the default “Light” theme that Windows defaults to, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of color schemes.  Themes only consist of colors (no graphics), and you can still use the stock Windows GUI if you prefer.  The above theme is the likely candidate (tbd) to be the default “Dark” theme available in POP Peeper, but there are currently over 100 themes that will be available to fit your style; or, you can create your own.

Desktop Alert

Desktop Alert (Theme: Dark)







The Desktop Alert is also getting a much-needed makeover.  By default, it will match the theme that you have selected for POP Peeper, but it also has options for a stock “Dark” and “Light” theme; you can also go back to the “Classic” theme if you’d prefer.  The details list can now be displayed on either the left or the right side (or it can still be hidden) and can include some information about the last message received.


Below will be some screenshots of various themes that have already been designed.  You can click on the images to get the full view.















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