POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Updated graphics

October 11, 2018

POP Peeper v5 will update many graphical elements.  In order to avoid system shock to long-time users, the original source graphics are used in many cases, but some new graphics were necessary for others.  The new graphics are similar to the original graphic to avoid any potential confusion. The graphics that have gotten an overhaul are:

  • User flags
  • AntiJunk indicators
  • Status bar buttons
  • New Mail Desktop Alert

Also, it was not necessary to update the toolbar buttons (“Junk view” being the one exception), but a few toolbar buttons have received some minor touch-ups.

Onto the pictures — please click on the thumbnails below to see them in full-scale.  The v4 screenshot is provided for a direct comparison.  For these screenshots, 125% DPI was used and the message list font has been set to 11-point, which may make the message list appear larger than you’re used to.

v5 main window

v4 main window








When you view a message, the user-flag is displayed larger than on the message list and the necessity to use higher quality images becomes more apparent:

v5 View message

v4 View message










The updated graphics are 32-bit and are higher resolution than what was previously used.  This results in a much smoother and higher quality look, especially for anyone who uses high DPI — no more jaggies!  It also means that the images can be displayed larger without a loss in quality.

But… Why?!?

POP Peeper has always favored function over form, so this may seem like an unnecessary update.  But one of the problems with the old graphics is that they don’t look good against a dark background.  In v4, it’s possible to have a black or dark background if you’re using high-contrast settings in Windows, or if you set POP Peeper to use a certain color for the message list (via PPtweaker).  Neither of these are very common and so it wasn’t considered a vital issue.  But the number of people using a different colored background is likely to change in POP Peeper v5.  And, yes, it has something to do with that new icon in the status bar, but that’s a topic for another time…


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