POP Peeper’s 16th birthday

August 23, 2017

Old enough to drive on its own now!

And to celebrate — everything in the Esumsoft store is 16% off!


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3 Responses to “POP Peeper’s 16th birthday”

  1. Well, you can drive in the States not in Europe.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I am rather embarrassed that, somewhat belatedly, I submit this comment to congratulate you upon attaining your 16th Anniversary with PopPeeper.

    As a User and customer of long-standing, I can vouch that PopPeeper is by far and away the best software program in its category and the, intermittent, technical support received over a period of time, is second to none.

    You are an individual, all to your credit, clearly committed and dedicated to the continued development of PopPeeper and are to be commended for the time and effort taken in the ongoing development of this superb utility.

    Congratulations! I can only please encourage you to maintain your endeavours and look forward to using PopPeeper now and in the future.

    Best regards

    Ian W
    A very happy and contented User from the UK

  3. First thing I look at every morning on my laptop since 2005, I’ve not used any other application for what is does and will continue using it as long as my emails keep coming. Great software!

    Thank you Jeff

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