January 27, 2016
GMail -10 error

The GMail issue has been fixed and the update is available. You can either wait for POP Peeper to automatically update (usually within 24 hours) or you can force POP Peeper to manually update by performing the following easy steps:
1) From POP Peeper's main menu, select Help / About
2) Make sure that both of the following checkboxes are enabled:
- Automatically check for updates
- Auto-update WebMail plugin
3) Press the "Check Version" button
- You should see that your "Current" WebMail version updates to 4.0.26

After the WebMail plugin is updated, I recommend logging into each of your GMail accounts manually (using your webbrowser) and that you perform a full login -- that is, if you are automatically logged in, sign out and then sign back in. Then, test your GMail accounts in POP Peeper to make sure that they're working.

In order to avoid issues with GMail changes, I recommend changing your account to use IMAP instead of WebMail. Simply edit each of your GMail accounts and change the "Server Type" from "GMail" to "IMAP" and POP Peeper will make other necessary changes. Note that in certain cases, some people cannot use IMAP because of firewall restrictions, but this is not very common. Also, you will likely need to enable "less secure apps" on each of your GMail accounts using this link:


Use the contact form if you have any issues or questions.