More Plugins

The following plugins are included with other installations:

POP Peeper: WebMail, SendMail, IMAP, PPtweaker, MAPI
POP Peeper Pro: AntiJunk, Spell Checker, Trusted Sites, Profile Picture
Plus Pack: Backup & Restore utility, Sent Mail Viewer, RSS, Voice Notifier, Extras

Please use the appropriate installers if you need to install these plugins. To install POP Peeper/Pro plugins, download and install POP Peeper Pro (you may need to use “custom installation” to install plugins that you disabled previously). The Plus Pack may only be downloaded by licensed users. Pro and Plus Pack licensees may use Auto-Update — in POP Peeper, go to
main menu: Tools / Activation, enable “check for missing and updated components”, then press Close
or use the Product Request page to download the Plus Pack.