Gmail password login (requires Oauth2)

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Gmail password login (requires Oauth2)

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If you have received a notification from Gmail that you are using less secure signin, here's how to update your settings in POP Peeper.

1) Edit the account in POP Peeper
2) Change the "server type" to IMAP if it is not already set
3) To the right of your Login Name is a dropdown that currently shows "password" -- change this to "Oauth2" (if your version of POP Peeper is older than v5.2, then press the "Oauth2" button)
4) Follow the prompts to grant POP Peeper permission to access your email
5) After permission is granted, you will receive an "Authentication successful" prompt and you can now close the edit-account window

- Step #4: If you are using an older Windows OS (e.g. Win7), then your webbrowser may not automatically open and the first button will not work; in this case, select the "web browser (code)" method

- POP Peeper currently only supports Oauth2 for IMAP; IMAP is the recommended protocol for Gmail regardless

- If you are unable to use Oauth2, then you may still be able to use an App Password (which is a password different from your main login):
- It's unconfirmed if this method will still work after May 30, 2022, but the following link suggests that it will.

Announcement from Google: ... 0255?hl=en

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