Month September 2022

Gmail and POP Peeper

As of October 3, 2022, the Oauth2 method used by POP Peeper v4.x is being phased out by Gmail and Oauth2 for Gmail accounts will no longer work. It is possible that accounts will continue to access email until you need to re-authenticate Oauth2, but it’s recommended that you switch to a solution before that happens. POP Peeper v5 supports the new Oauth2 method that Gmail requires.

Update: Older Windows OS’s (e.g. Windows 7) may not support the mechanism required to support the Oauth2 login required by Gmail (even with POP Peeper v5 unless POP Peeper is launched with elevated/admin privileges). In this case, it’s recommended that you use the “app password” option (note that for “app password” this is a substitute for Oauth2; you should set the option in POP Peeper to use “password” instead of “Oauth2” in the dropdown to the right of your “Login name”).

If you are using Windows 10 or better, it is recommended that you upgrade to POP Peeper v5 and use Oauth2. Otherwise, if you are using Windows 7 (for example), using the app password is recommended; however, Gmail does require you to enable 2-Factor Authentication to use app passwords.

  1. Update to POP Peeper v5:
  2. Use an app password: