Arabic v2.4 0 Arabic   
Bulgarian v3.4 0 Bulgarian   
Catalan v2.3 0 Catalan   
简体字 (Chinese) v5.0.0.4 0 Chinese (Simplified)   
繁體字 (Chinese) v5.0 0 Chinese (Traditional)   
Hrvatski (Croatian) v5.0.0.5 0 Croatian   
Czech v4.0 2 Czech   
Dansk v3.8.1 0 Danish   
Dutch v5.0.0.4 0 Dutch  Dictionary
Estonian v2.4 0 Estonian   
Finnish v5.0.0.5 1 Finnish   
Français v5.0.0.5 2 French  Dictionary
Galego v2.3 0 Galecian   
Deutsch v5.0.0.5 1 German  Dictionary
Greek v3.8.1 0 Greek  Dictionary
Hebrew v5.0.0.4 0 Hebrew   
Magyar (Hungarian) v5.0 0 Hungarian   
Indonesia v3.0 0 Indonesian   
Italiano v5.0 2 Italian  Dictionary
Japanese v4.0 1 Japanese   
한국의 (Korean) v3.0 0 Korean   
Norwegian v4.1 1 Norwegian  Dictionary
Polski v5.0 0 Polish  Dictionary
Português Brasileiro v5.0 1 Portuguese (Brazil)  Dictionary
Românã v3.0 0 Romanian  Dictionary
русский (Russian) v5.0 0 Russian   
Serbian v3.0 0 Serbian   
Slovak v3.8.1 1 Slovak   
Slovenian v5.0.0.5 0 Slovenian   
Español v5.0.0.5 0 Spanish  Dictionary
Svenska v3.0 1 Swedish  Dictionary
Thai v2.4 0 Thai   
Türkçe v3.4 0 Turkish   
Українська v5.0 0 Ukrainian   


Languages can be downloaded through POP Peeper (Tools / Options / General) or use the following instructions:
  1. Save the .plf file (right-click and select "save as") to your POP Peeper installation directory
    e.g. C:\Program Files\POP Peeper\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\POP Peeper\
  2. Under Tools / Options / General, set the 'Language' to the correct translation
  3. Exit and Restart POP Peeper email notifier

To install the Spelling dictionary (only available for POP Peeper Pro):

  1. Click on the Dictionary link
  2. Run the installation file
  3. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard and select your language from the list when prompted

  4. After installing the language, you will need to tell POP Peeper to use it:
  5. On the main menu in POP Peeper, select Tools / Options / Plugins
  6. Find 'Spell Checker' in the list and double-click it to open the settings
  7. Press the 'Languages' button
  8. Tick the box for your language, note that there may be multiple regions/dialects for your region, select the most appropriate
    If you do not see the language that you installed, please exit and restart POP Peeper