POP Peeper Privacy Policy

Information collected by POP Peeper

When you set up POP Peeper to access your email account(s), certain information is collected in order to access the account, including your email address, password and name. This encrypted data is stored on your computer. In order to facilitate account creation, POP Peeper may contact 3rd party sites (including standard auto-configuration URLs and Mozilla configuration database) to lookup server configurations. Part or all of your email address may be sent, but not your password.

Other potentially sensitive information may also be stored by POP Peeper, such as contacts’ email addresses for the address book and copies of your email that has been sent and received. Email data that is received by POP Peeper allows you to view, manage, print and send email; POP Peeper may process email data for the purpose of certain client-side features, such as spam-detection and search-indexing. POP Peeper stores this encrypted data on your local computer and does not transmit it to Esumsoft or affiliates.

In order to automatically display profile pictures of email senders, POP Peeper may contact 3rd party websites including gravatar.com and facebook.com.

Information POP Peeper sends to Websites and Email providers

POP Peeper includes a web-browser, which allows you to view email in HTML. When using the web-browser, POP Peeper may send non-personal or potentially personal information. Potentially personal information is not provided directly by POP Peeper, but may be included in the message; for example, browser, language, IP address and, in certain cases, it may be possible for the sender to know that you have opened the email message. This information may be logged by the websites accessed, service providers and intermediary networks; this is outside of Esumsoft’s control.

Email data that you send or receive that is unencrypted may be read or modified by 3rd parties. It is recommended that you only use encrypted communications (e.g. SSL/TLS or STARTTLS), but this is not fool-proof protection.

Data practices for product features

Certain features in POP Peeper will contact the Esumsoft servers to complete the expected functionality. This includes the capability to auto-update the program and to check for new versions. These features may log your IP address for usage statistics. When you activate the software with a license, some potentially personal information is sent in order to verify the number of devices that POP Peeper is installed on.

Esumsoft does not collect or track any personal or non-personal information about the emails you send/receive or websites you visit.

Google User Data Policy (Gmail)

POP Peeper’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021