Download POP Peeper Pro
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v5.5.1Freeware / Shareware *
Version history
Email notifier with features including AntiJunk and Spell Checker
* POP Peeper Pro will revert to the freeware edition after the 30 day trial expires.
Download Aeris Calendar v3.1.1Shareware
Version history
Calendar with weather forecasts

System requirements: Windows 7 or later

POP Peeper v4 Pro licensees: Please note that there may be an upgrade fee for Pro v5. Click here for details

POP Peeper Plus Pack: If you have purchased the Plus Pack (formerly: Add-on Pack), you may download the latest version using the Product Request form. The product request form includes an option to download both POP Peeper Pro and the Plus Pack together, so it is not necessary to download them separately. As of POP Peeper v5.0, the Plus Pack can be installed via Auto-Update within POP Peeper so downloading it separately isn’t necessary (you will get prompted after activating your Plus Pack license within POP Peeper).

Older versions

Older versions will no longer receive updates. In most cases, technical support will require you to update to the latest version when you request help (Pro licensees will receive technical support for older versions for a limited time after the release of a new version).

POP Peeper v4.5.3: exe | zip

POP Peeper v5.4.6: exe | zip (Supports WinXP)