POP Peeper Plus Pack

The POP Peeper Plus Pack is a collection of plugins and utilities that extends the functionality of POP Peeper. It includes the following components:

Voice Notification Hear voice notifications with the subject and sender when you receive new email
RSS Protocol Receive notifications for your RSS feeds
Sent Mail Viewer View sent, archived and deleted messages that are stored locally
Special remote folder access Access other folders (spam, junk, deleted, etc.) in IMAP as regular POP Peeper accounts
Backup & Restore Backup all your POP Peeper settings and files in a single zip file
Auto Update Auto-update POP Peeper when new versions are available.

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Voice Notification

Voice Notifier sample

The Voice Notifier tells you the account, subject and sender when you receive new mail by using a voice synthesizer. The settings allow you to configure how fast the voice speaks and define the syntax that is spoken. You can also define substitution rules to replace words (for example, replace “Re:” with “Regarding”). Messages can be read out loud with the Voice Notifier.

RSS Protocol


The RSS plugin allows you to access RSS/atom feeds and receive notifications when new messages arrive just like email. RSS feeds are provided by most news sites and blogs.

Sent Mail Viewer


The Sent Mail Viewer allows you to view email that has been saved by POP Peeper on your local disk. This includes, Sent, archived, deleted and junk messages can also be viewed (note: deleted and junk messages are not saved by default, but can be enabled under the main menu: Tools / Options / Storage). Messages can be dragged and dropped into new subfolders for easier manageability.


  • Messages can be searched and filtered by Subject, From, To, Body, Date and Size
  • Columns can be added, removed, re-ordered and sorted: Account, To, CC, BCC, From, Subject, Date/Time, Size
  • View and delete messages
  • Deleted messages go to your recycle bin so they can be recovered if necessary; or you can delete them permanently using shift-delete
  • View all messages together or separated by account
  • Manage messages by moving them into subfolders

Special access to remote folders


IMAP folders can now be accessed just like your inbox, including the ability to view and delete messages. If you have filters that automatically redirect messages into another folder, POP Peeper will announce new messages in these folders, too. Access to remote folders are setup in POP Peeper just like your inbox and will appear in the Accounts List.

Backup & Restore Utility


The Backup & Restore Utility allows you to easily backup all your POP Peeper settings including your accounts, address book, current inbox, sent mail, and unsent mail.


  • Backup files are contained in a single .zip archive for easy archive and transfer
  • Files can be restored to the appropriate “Application Data” path regardless of the source and target OS’s (ie. if moving from Windows XP to Windows 7)
  • Command-line parameters allow you to create scheduled backups

Auto Update

Auto-update provides a more convenient way to update POP Peeper and install the Plus Pack. It’s not a forced update, so you can auto-update when it’s suitable for you. Plugins, like SSL, can also be auto-updated. There’s no more need to install a separate installation for the Plus Pack — POP Peeper will install the Plus Pack even if it’s not already installed.

If you’ve purchased the Plus Pack and need to manually download it, use the Product Request form. In most cases, Auto-Update will install the Plus Pack after you’ve activated your license.