Month June 2024

Outlook will require Oauth2

As of September 16, 2024, Outlook/Hotmail accounts will require you to use Oauth2, which they refer to as “modern authentication.” This replaces the login method that sends your password and is more secure. It is recommended that you switch to Oauth2 before the deadline so that you don’t have any downtime.

If you receive an email from Outlook that says you’re using “basic authentication”, this means that you need to switch to Oauth2; you shouldn’t receive this email if you’re already using Oauth2.

To verify that you’re using Oauth2 for Outlook in your POP Peeper accounts:

1) Edit the Outlook account in POP Peeper

2) On the right-side of your “Login name” is a dropdown box:
– If it currently says “password”, change it to “Oauth2”
– If it’s already Oauth2, you can cancel and proceed to step #4
– As of v5.5.1, POP3 is not supported for Outlook Oauth2 *
– If you don’t see a dropdown, it’s because only certain types of accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook) support Oauth2

3) If you change the dropdown to Oauth2, follow the instructions to grant POP Peeper permission to access your email

4) Repeat if you have other Outlook accounts

Update: * A POP Peeper update will be forthcoming which will add POP3 support for Outlook Oauth2, as well as reinstating Oauth2 recommendation when creating Outlook accounts.

If you have any questions, send an email or post in the forum.

Outlook’s official announcement