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  • Open FAQ in new window GMail: IMAP security (OAuth2)
  • As of v4.2, POP Peeper supports OAuth2 for GMail IMAP/SMTP (it is not currently supported for POP3).
    To use OAuth2: edit your GMail account in POP Peeper and change the 'password' dropdown to 'Oauth2' (next to your login name). For versions prior to v5.2, press the 'Oauth2' button.

    The following information is deprecated and is only provided for reference, or if you cannot use OAuth2 (note: Gmail may no longer support these methods)

    There are 2 options available: either setup 2-step verification and create an app-password for POP Peeper or enable access for "less secure apps":

    2-step verification
    This option provides more security, but requires more steps (including voice/text confirmation) and may require additional steps when you regularly log into GMail with your webbrowser
    1) Enable 2-step verification
    2) Create app-specific password

    Allow less secure apps
    This option is much easier to setup, but provides less security than 2-step verification (note: it does not make your account unsecure)
    1) Allow less secure apps