Submit Skin

Creating a Skin

Creating a skin is easy. There is an example skin that shows the basic capabilities of what you can do and it has documentation describing all the fields and values needed in the skin file (this information is in the .ini file)
Download Example Skin

Submitting a Skin

After you have created a skin you can choose to publish it and make it available for other POP Peeper users.
Submit your skin (see Checklist below)
Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click here to submit your skin and fill in the following details:
    DetailMax LengthNotes
    Name n/a The name you want to appear as the author of the skin
    URL n/a Optional: The URL you want to associate with your name
    Skin Name 30 characters
    Skin Description 255 characters
    Account Info? Y/N Does the skin display which account received new email?
    Message Info? Y/N Does the skin display message information (ie. subject/sender)?
    Filename 25 characters Use underscores instead of spaces.

  • You also need to include three attachments with the email. The name of each file will be based on the filename you provided above:
    Full Preview [Filename].gif – Actual-size Image
    – Graphic should be a .png, .gif, or .jpg file *
    – Use a white background if the image has transparency
    Thumbnail Preview [Filename]_tn.gif – This must be a 150×75 thumbnail of the full preview.
    – Graphic should be a .png, .gif, or .jpg file *
    Skin [Filename].zip – Archive must be a portable/max-compressed .zip file
    – One skin per archive (unless the skins are related)
    – Archive must contain the subdirectory path which is the same or similar to your skin’s name (e.g. “/MySkin/”)
    – All files must be contained under this subdirectory

    For example, if you created a skin with a filename of “myskin”, you would include three files named:

    *– When creating the preview images, please select the image format that creates the smallest file with an acceptable quality.

Submission Checklist

  • Attach THREE files:
    • The skin archive
    • Real-size screenshot
    • Thumbnail screenshot
  • The skin archive is in .zip format
  • The zip file contains the subfolder name of your skin and all files exist under this subfolder
  • The zip’s filename is the same name (or very similar) as the subfolder
  • The zip’s filename (and the subfolder) does not contain spaces (use underscores ‘_’)
  • Use a white background for screenshots when accounting for transparency or resizing the thumbnail
  • The dimensions of the thumbnail are exactly 150 x 75 (see below)

How to create the 150 x 75 Thumbnail

It is recommended that you use a proportionately sized image for the thumbnail instead of simply resizing the image. While the exact procedure is different in every paint program, the best way to accomplish this is to resize the image using proportional dimensions so that the max width is 150 OR the max height is 75. Then, resize the canvas to 150×75, and fill any unused space with white.