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Server Settings

  • GMail: IMAP security (OAuth2)
  • As of v4.2, POP Peeper supports OAuth2 for GMail IMAP/SMTP. OAuth2 is recommended instead of changing your GMail settings as instructed below.
    To use OAuth2: edit your GMail account in POP Peeper and press the 'OAuth2' button.

    The following information is obsolete and is only provided for reference

    There are 2 options available: either setup 2-step verification and create an app-password for POP Peeper or enable access for "less secure apps":

    2-step verification
    This option provides more security, but requires more steps (including voice/text confirmation) and may require additional steps when you regularly log into GMail with your webbrowser
    1) Enable 2-step verification
    2) Create app-specific password

    Allow less secure apps
    This option is much easier to setup, but provides less security than 2-step verification (note: it does not make your account unsecure)
    1) Allow less secure apps