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Server Settings

  • mail.com: IMAP / SMTP
  • Incoming Mail Settings:
    Login Name: Full email address
    Server Type: IMAP
    Server: imap.mail.com
    TLS/SSL is optional
    Port: 143 (if using SSL: 993)
    Idle: optional

    Send Mail Settings:
    Reply Option: SMTP
    Server: smtp.mail.com
    SSL is optional
    Port: 25 or 587 (if using SSL: 465)
    Server Requires Authentication: Enabled

    Note: In some cases, you may need to use the GMX server (such as in cases of the server responding with, "hack attempt, login temporarily disabled for this ip"):
    Note2: The gmx.com servers may only be available for premium subscribers of the email service:
    IMAP: imap.gmx.com
    POP3: pop.gmx.com