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  • Open FAQ in new window Is there a way to specify which NWS weather station I prefer to use or block others?
  • Aeris Calendar v3.1 will record statistics about individual weather stations in order to optimize weather updates. This data is stored in a user-accessible file which you can also use to specify which weather stations you prefer or to block them.

    To find the location of this file:

    1. In Aeris Calendar, open main menu: Help / About
    2. Using File Explorer, open the 'settings and data' folder referenced here
    3. Exit Aeris Calendar (you must exit Aeris Calendar or your changes will not be saved)
    4. In File Explorer opened in step #2, go into the 'stats' subfolder
    5. Open the file -- Nws_Stations.ini -- with a text editor
      In this file is a list of stations with various settings under each station. Each station section is denoted by a usually-4 or 5 character cominbination surrounded by square brackets, e.g. [ABCD]. It is recommended that you do not modify the existing settings.
    6. In the section for the weather station you want to modify, you can add the following optional settings:
      • user-priority = # -- A number value indicating this station's priority. Lower numbers have higher priority, so if you want a particular weather station to be used, you can specify user-priority = 1. It is not necessary to set every weather station and you can set multiple stations with the same level of priority.
      • user-allow = block or always -- Weather stations that are "blocked" will never be used. Weather stations that are "always" allowed will ignore the statistical analysis used by Aeris Calendar which may otherwise skip weather stations that have been unreliable.
    7. Restart Aeris Calendar
    user-priority = 1
    user-allow = always
    fail-consec = 0
    user-allow = block
    fail-consec = 10