Month July 2023

Aeris Calendar – weather feed

The weather feed that Aeris Calendar uses has been disabled by AccuWeather without warning. AccuWeather provided a feed for Aeris to use back in 2008 (when decided to aggressively change their plans) and while I did receive one email from AccuWeather several years ago starting a conversation about a paid subscription, they continued to allow the weather feed. Unfortunately, Aeris does not generate enough revenue to pay for a weather subscription.

However, the good news is that I’ve been planning for this kind of event. While Aeris has not been the focus of my attention, there has been significant work made for v3.0 with many new features and also has the capability to support additional weather feeds. I am working hard to make v3 available as soon as possible.

If you have a license for Aeris Calendar v2 and you are interested in upgrading to v3, please send an email. There will be an upgrade fee, but this was planned regardless of the current situation. If you are sending from a different email address than the email address registered with your license, please let me know that email address (or your license key).

This post will be updated when more news is available.

Update (Aug 8): AccuWeather did not reply to my request for comment.

Update (Aug 8): Aeris v3.0 is ready and those that emailed me have been sent an email containing information to upgrade. This version supports NWS for USA-based locations and, because of this restriction, this version is not publicly available yet. An update which will support other countries will be available soon.

Update (Aug 31): Aeris v3.1 is now publicly available; more information