Aeris Calendar v3

Aeris Calendar v3 is now available. Most importantly, this version updates the weather provider feeds, but also provides many other new options. Some of the new features in v3 are described below. If you’ve previously used Aeris Calendar v2, you may want to look through this list to discover some of these new features that you may find useful.


Upgrade: If you have an existing v1/v2 license for Aeris Calendar, you can purchase an upgrade for v3:


Two new weather feeds have been added — the National Weather Service (NWS) serves USA-based locations and OpenWeather provides weather data for world-wide locations.

The new weather ‘Overview’ page shows current , forecast and hourly weather information on a single page. Click the “Weather” page on the left side of the main window and then “Overview” on the right to access this (overview is the default page after you click on “Weather”).

There is a new option to change the theme (background image) based on the current weather. So you’ll see a nice blue sky if the current conditions are “clear” or a rainy image if it’s raining. This option is under the main menu: Tools / Options / Calendar; set the “Theme” to “change theme based on current weather”. You can also set your Windows background to the same image here.


Reminders have received many new improvements including a customizable preset list of snooze times so you can quickly snooze the alarm and get back to what you were doing. You can choose how the reminder behaves on an individual basis — windows notification, popup box, or no visual prompt. The new voice option will alert you to reminders using speech.

The list of “today’s reminders” has been improved by showing when the upcoming reminders will occur (e.g. in 32 minutes). This window also allows you to dismiss recurring reminders; for example, if you have a weekly reminder and you’ve already addressed the situation for this week, you can dismiss it before it happens and you won’t be reminded until the following week. Because this reminders list can be very useful, you can assign a global hotkey to access it with a keyboard combination (main menu: Tools / Options / Hotkeys: “Today’s Reminders”)

iCalendar support and Schedule

There is a new page on the main navigation screen called “Schedule”. This is primarily used for online calendars that you’ve added (main menu: Tools / Options / Schedule; these Schedule options can also be accessed on the ‘Schedule’ page by accessing the dropdown menu of the “quick set” button) and also shows native events that you’ve added into Aeris Calendar.

iCalendar is a format used by most online Calendars (such as iCalendar events can be set for specific times (e.g. a meeting) or an all-day event (e.g. holidays), or occur across multiple days (e.g. vacation). The ‘Agenda’ display will show these in chronological order while the other displays will display them as blocks of days.

To access your online calendars, refer to this faq.


You can now include a short description for your notes. The description will be displayed on the calendar instead of the full summary. Notes can now be searched under main menu: Notes / Show all notes; this window is now resizable so you can see more of the notes.


The desklet has several new options, which can be accessed by right-clicking on the desklet. Instead of displaying the todo list, you can instead display a 3 day forecast. And if you don’t need to see today’s notes, you can display “bigger weather” so that the current temperature is larger.

If the desklet is hidden behind other windows and you want to access it, click once on the Aeris Calendar tray icon.

Updated graphics

Many of the graphics have been updated and there are several new high-resolution themes/background-images. Updated icons include the navigation icons, several new weather icon sets and the moon phases. The analog clock now uses a pre-rendered image and there are several clock faces to choose from (click on the clock to change them).


Unicode support
Calendar can start on other days of the week (main menu: Tools / Options / General)
Tray icon tooltip can display the next reminder (main menu: Tools / Options / Tray Icon – Tray Tips)
Performance improvement