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Configuration Options

  • Open FAQ in new window What are "Advanced options"?
  • Advanced options are options that are generally not needed except by experienced users and are hidden by default in order make the interface simpler and cleaner.

    To enable Advanced options:

    1. On the main menu, select Tools / Options
    2. On the left, click the 'General' page
    3. On the right, enable "Advanced options" (top-right) by ticking the checkbox
    4. Press the OK button to save your changes

    Here are some of the options that this enables:

    • Options / Mail check: Maximum simultaneous threads
    • Options / Mail check: Use separate timers for each account (see also: Account advanced options)
    • Options / Notification: Each account can play a unique sound (see also: Account advanced options)
    • Account advanced options: Edit your account and select the 'Advanced' tab to access options for the account
    • Context menus for Account and Message list: right-clicking on accounts or messages provides more advanced options