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  • Open FAQ in new window How can I delete IMAP messages permanently without messages going to the Trash folder?
  • The Trash folder allows you to easily recover messages that have been deleted. Most IMAP servers will remove messages from the Trash folder after 30 days. However, if you want to bypass this, there's a hidden setting in POP Peeper that will delete messages without PP moving the messages to the Trash folder first. This will affect ALL IMAP accounts and cannot be set per-account.

    1. In POP Peeper, go to:
      Main menu: Tools / Options and select the Storage page
    2. Double-click the text Ini Location at the top
      -> This will open File Explorer and select the appropriate file
    3. Exit POP Peeper
    4. Open the ini file from step #2 in a text editor
    5. Search for the following line:
      [POP PEEPER]
    6. Immediately below that line, insert the following line:
      DeleteToTrash = 0
      (this is case-sensitive)
    7. Save the ini file
    8. Restart POP Peeper
    9. Delete a test message to make sure it works