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Server Settings

  • Open FAQ in new window GMail: IMAP / SMTP
  • POP Peeper can access GMail using Imap, Pop3 or webmail. In most cases, Imap access is recommended but it may not be available to all users (users behind corporate firewalls may need to use the "GMail" server type). Here are the steps to setup your GMail account in POP Peeper using Imap.

    Step #1 - Enable Imap\POP3 access in GMail

    1. Log into your GMail account using your webbrowser
    2. Access your GMail settings (click the gear icon on the top-right, select 'Settings')
    3. Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" near the top of the page
    4. Select the option "Enable IMAP"
    5. Press "Save Changes"

    Step #2 - Creating the account in POP Peeper

    Note: GMail requires an SSL connection, and you may need to install the SSL plugin if you haven't already.

    Click here for POP Peeper screenshots for the GMail IMAP settings.

    Incoming Mail Settings:
    Login Name: Full email address or just the username
    Password: It is recommended that you use OAuth2 (password is not required in this case)
    Server Type: IMAP
    Server: imap.gmail.com
    SSL (required)
    Port: 993
    Idle: optional

    Send Mail Settings:
    Reply Option: SMTP
    Server: smtp.gmail.com
    SSL (required)
    Port: 465
    Server Requires Authentication: Enabled

    Step #3 - Additional settings

    If you're not using OAuth2: after POP Peeper tries to login, you may still get an error from GMail instructing you to go to a URL:
    (this URL may change, it's recommended that you use the URL provided by the error)
    For more information and the recommended solution, please see this FAQ:
    GMail security