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Server Settings

  • Open FAQ in new window GMail: POP3 / SMTP
  • POP Peeper can access GMail using Imap, Pop3 or webmail. In most cases, Imap access is recommended but it may not be available to all users (users behind corporate firewalls may need to use the "GMail" server type). Here are the steps to setup your GMail account in POP Peeper using POP3.

    Step #1 - Enable POP3 access in GMail

    1. Log into your GMail account using your webbrowser
    2. Access your GMail settings (click the gear icon on the top-right, select 'Settings')
    3. Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" near the top of the page
    4. For POP3: Select the option "Enable POP for all mail" OR "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on"
    5. Press "Save Changes"

    Step #2 - GMail requires SSL

    1. Download the SSL Plugin and follow the included instructions to install it
    2. Create the GMail account in POP Peeper as a POP3 account (Server: pop.gmail.com*)
    3. Set the account to use SSL (port: 995)
    4. For SMTP settings: the server is smtp.gmail.com*, SSL must be used (port 465) and Server Requires Authentication must be checked

    Note: If you use the "Create Single Account" wizard to create the GMail account, the following step is performed automatically

    Step #3 - Prevent GMail from removing messages (POP3-only)

    1. Edit the GMail account in POP Peeper
    2. Go to the Advanced tab (if advanced is not visible, you will need to enable it under the main Options / General page)
    3. Change the Retrieval Option to Preview and the number of lines to 500000 (500,000) (note: "headers" is not recommended if you intend to read the messages using POP Peeper)
    4. Press the Update button