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Server Settings

  • Open FAQ in new window Hotmail/Outlook.com: IMAP / SMTP
  • Hotmail can be accessed using IMAP/SMTP. SSL is required to access Hotmail using this method. If you do not already have the SSL Plugin installed, download the SSL Plugin.

    Note that SSL is required for IMAP and TLS is required for SMTP.

    Incoming Mail Settings:
    Login Name: Full email address
    Password: It is recommended that you use OAuth2 (password is not required in this case)
    Server Type: IMAP
    Server: imap.outlook.com (or imap-mail.outlook.com)
    Port: 993
    IDLE: Recommended

    Send Mail Settings:
    Reply Option: SMTP
    Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com
    Port: 25 or 587
    Server Requires Authentication: Enabled