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  • Open FAQ in new window Explain the option: "IMAP: Sync read/unread state with server"
  • Note: this option was added in POP Peeper v4.1

    Up until POP Peeper v4.0, POP Peeper did not truly synchronize the read/unread state with the IMAP server. It had the option to retrieve the read-state on the initial retrieval, but it would not update the read-state afterwards. Furthermore, if POP Peeper retrieved a preview or the entire message, the server would mark the message as read (the message would remain unread in POP Peeper). Marking a message as read or unread in POP Peeper would not affect the read-state on the server. This behavior was sufficient for most people who did not use a separate IMAP client.

    In POP Peeper v4.1, POP Peeper can synchronize the read/unread state. Messages that are marked as read from another email client will be reflected in POP Peeper, and vice-versa.

    For existing POP Peeper users who are upgrading to v4.1: because the message states may not be synchronized between POP Peeper and the server, this option is not enabled by default. When you enable this option, you will be asked if you want to synchronize the read-state FROM POP Peeper or FROM the server. In most cases, you will want to synchronize FROM POP Peeper TO the server -- this means that the messages' read-states that are currently used in POP Peeper will be transferred to the server.

    To enable this option:

    1. From POP Peeper's main menu, select Tools / PPtweaker
    2. Select the 'Misc' page
    3. Enable: "IMAP: Sync read/unread state with server"