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POP Peeper Pro

  • Open FAQ in new window Upgrading to Pro: Why are some messages not displayed?
  • By default, POP Peeper's AntiJunk will not delete spam but it will hide any messages it considers spam from the main message list. In the main toolbar, there is a button named "Junk View." When there are messages that are evaluated as Junk (spam), the "Junk View" button will be highlighted yellow to let you know that there are messages currently being filtered from the current display. Press the "Junk View" button to see these messages and process them. If any messages were erroneously classified as Junk, be sure to mark them as "Legitimate" so that POP Peeper can learn.

    Note: Only messages that are unread will trigger the Junk View highlight, so if you want to clear the Junk View status, you should delete the messages, mark them as Junk or Legitimate, or mark them as read.

    To disable this behavior: On the Junk View button's drop-down menu, select "Save default view..." and then change the default Junk View to "All"