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POP Peeper Pro

  • Open FAQ in new window Upgrading to Pro: How can I display messages in full HTML?
  • Smart HTML Viewing is a feature that allows POP Peeper to decide whether messages are displayed in HTML or a safer format like Rich Text. The criteria to display a message as HTML are:
    - You marked the message as Legitimate
    - The message was evaluated as Legitimate AND the sender is in your whitelist or address book.

    If there is a message from a sender that you will want to always view in HTML, you should mark the message as "Legitimate." This will add the sender to your whitelist and POP Peeper will be more likely to evaluate future messages from this sender as Legitimate, thus allowing the rules above to pass and display the message in HTML.

    For more information about Smart HTML Viewing, in POP Peeper's main menu, open Tools / Options / View Messages and press F1 to open the Context-sensitive help.

    To disable this behavior and return to how v3 performed: open Tools / Options / View Messages and disable "Smart HTML viewing." To force messages to always display in HTML, change the "default message viewing preference" to "HTML" and optionally adjust the settings below that. Note that always showing HTML with images may allow email messages to send back information to the sender (such that you've opened the message) known as web bugs.