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Preliminary documentation

  • Open FAQ in new window What are account groups?
  • This is preliminary documentation for POP Peeper v6.0

    Account groups allow you to combine accounts into groups for better management. There is no limit to the number of groups and an account can belong to multiple groups.

    The name of each group will be added into the "View Accounts" dropdown selection box (usually above the Message List). When you select a group from the dropdown, only the accounts that belong to that group will be listed in the Message List. Also, the Accounts List will be modified so that the member accounts will be shown at the top of the list; other accounts will be listed in a separate collapsible group.

    If a new message arrives for a non-member account of the group you're currently viewing, the new message will be displayed in the Message List. A new collapsible group (labeled "New") will also be added to the Accounts List for better visibility.

    Special Group name -- If you create a group named "Default" (or the equivalent in your language), then this group will be viewed by default when POP Peeper starts instead of *All Accounts*.

    To modify an account's group(s), edit the account and select the "Advanced 2" page; you must first enable "Advanced Options" under the main menu: Tools / Options / General