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  • Open FAQ in new window How do I setup the From/Alias field to automatically use the correct email address?
  • When you reply to an email, it may be possible for POP Peeper to automatically determine what the correct "From" email addresss to use based on the alias that the message was originally sent to. Many servers that support aliases will include a header field that contains the address of the alias. You can specify this field (or multiple fields in case you have different servers that use different fields) and POP Peeper will extract the field and place it in the "From" field when you reply to a message.

    First, POP Peeper needs to display the "from" field:

    1. Under the main menu, select Tools / Options
    2. On the "General" page, make sure that "Advanced options" is enabled
    3. Select the "Send Mail" page
    4. Enable "Allow from aliases"
    5. Press OK

    Next, you may need to setup the correct header fields that may contain your alias. The most common ones are included by default so you should check if it works at this point.

    1. On the main menu, select Tools / Options and select the Send Mail page
    2. The relevant option is called "Header fields to use for automated From address"
    3. By default, the following fields are used: X-original-to Envelope-to X-Rcpt-Original
    4. If your email service uses a different header, add it to the list separated by a space
    5. Press OK to save
    6. Test that the feature works by replying to a message that was sent to an alias and check the "From" field contains the correct address
    If the "From" field does not display the correct address, then you need to examine the contents of the message and determine the correct header field to use. The provided example is a list of header fields that some servers use, but there is no standard header field that all servers use.