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  • Open FAQ in new window Backup/Restore: How do I restore from a backup?
  • This feature requires purchase of the POP Peeper Plus Pack

    If you backed up the Program folder, you can obtain PPbackup.exe from the backup file (it can be found in the "ProgFolder" folder). You may need to copy the file to another location so that you can run it as admin (recommended).

    Note: It may be necessary to run the restore utility with Admin privileges. This can be accomplished by right-clicking on PPbackup.exe in Windows Explorer and selecting "Run as Administrator."

    How to perform a restore:

    1. Select the "Restore" tab
    2. Press the "..." button to browse for the file that contains your backup. If you instead type in the name of the file, press the "Process" button.
    3. The available data will depend on what you backed up and the method you used. If you included the Program folder, you will have the option to restore this data, and if you included Appdata, you will also have this available to restore.
    4. Press the "Restore" button
    5. If you are restoring the Program folder, you will be asked where you want to restore this data.
    6. If you get a warning that not all files were copied and you need to run with Admin privileges, see the note above.
    7. Your data has now been restored!