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Common Errors

  • Open FAQ in new window SSL connection failed (certificate failed: Specified server does not match hostname in certificate [hostname mismatch])
  • This error is most common with personal domains. If you are using a mail server using your personal domain name, you may need to make an adjustment. Here are some suggestions:

    • Update the mail servers listed in your POP Peeper account so that it matches the mail server suggested by your webhost provider (this is often the domain name of your webhost provider instead of your personal domain name)
    • In the "exceptions" for SSL certificates, you can specify that your mail server is verified using a different name. That is, instead of updating all your POP Peeper accounts with your webhost's mail server as indicated in the previous suggestion, you can create an exception to affect all accounts. See the section "Hostname substitution" in this faq for more information.
    • As a last resort, you can disable hostname matching: From POP Peeper's main menu, select Tools / PPTweaker; select the "Certificates" page; disable "Hostname matching"