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Preliminary documentation

  • Open FAQ in new window What does it mean that there are orphaned database files?
  • This is preliminary documentation for POP Peeper v6.0

    This can happen when a folder that previously had messages in POP Peeper no longer exists on the server, e.g. the folder was deleted or renamed on the server. The result is that there is a database file containing messages on your local computer that can no longer be accessed. It most cases, it's recommended that you allow POP Peeper to delete these files. This search for orphaned files will be performed when you manually request to refresh the folder list on the main interface.

    However, if you renamed the folder (as opposed to deleted it) and the folder has a lot of messages, you may find it more efficient to rename the existing file so that POP Peeper doesn't have to re-download all the same messages for the newly named folder. In that case, you can take these steps:

    1. From the main menu, select: Tools / Options
    2. Select the "Storage" page
    3. Double-click on the text "Data path" (this opens File Explorer to the appropriate location)
    4. Go into the subfolder of the account that has the orphaned file(s)
    5. Find the file that matches the original folder name in the following format: f-original-folder-name.db
    6. Rename the file using the same format but with the new folder name: f-new-folder-name.db (remember: new-folder-name should already exist on the server)
      Example: if the original folder name was 'INBOX.original' and it's been renamed to 'INBOX.renamed', you would find the file named 'f-INBOX.original.db' and rename it to 'f-INBOX.renamed.db'
    7. Access the new folder name in POP Peeper to make sure that the existing messages are loaded