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General Questions

  • Open FAQ in new window Why aren't messages being removed from POP Peeper after I open my email client?
  • Your email client may not be configured to delete messages after they're downloaded.

    Thunderbird: Tools / Account Settings / Server Settings / Uncheck "leave messages on server"
    Windows Live Mail: Tools / Accounts / Properties / Advanced tab / Uncheck "Leave a copy of messages on server"
    Outlook: File / Account Settings / Change / More Settings / Advanced / Uncheck "Leave a copy of messages on the server"
    Outlook Express: Tools / Accounts / Mail tab / Properties / Advanced / Uncheck "Leave a copy of messages on server"

    If you are sure that your email client is deleting messages -- and POP Peeper shows these messages with a Red-X -- take the following steps:

    1. Edit the account (right-click on the account in the account listing and select "edit")
    2. Click on the advanced tab *
    3. Check the option Remove Messages not on Server ON
    4. Click on the Update button
    5. Deleted messages that are currently in POP Peeper (with Red-X) will be removed on the next Mail Check, or you can 'Delete' them immediately

    * - You must enable advanced options to access this page, which is available on the "General" tab of the main Options.