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  • When POP Peeper retrieves email, the messages are being deleted off the server and my email client can't pick up the messages. Is POP Peeper deleting the messages?
  • POP Peeper only deletes messages when you tell it to; however, some servers automatically delete messages when they are retrieved. You might be able to circumvent this "feature" by specifying that the account download a preview of the message instead of the entire message. Even if the preview results in downloading the entire message, it may prevent the server from deleting the messages.

    For each account that you need to modify:
    - edit the account
    - go to "advanced" (click here if you don't see the "Advanced" page)
    - set "retrieval option" to "preview"
    - set the "Num Lines"...

    To approximate what you need for the number of lines: assume 1 line is about 100 bytes (80 is an even closer approximation). So if you want to set a ceiling of about 1 meg per message, set the number of lines to 10,000. If you want to get the entire message regardless of size, set it to 500,000 (max message size of about 50 megs).

    This may not work for all servers, but has been successful for most people (I have not heard from a case where it did not work). Please note that most pop3 servers do not automatically delete messages.