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  • Open FAQ in new window Why do messages appear as read on the server when I haven't read them?
  • Webmail and Imap servers will mark a message as read when the message is retrieved. Therefore, if you are retrieving the "entire message" or "preview" the message will be marked as read on the server even if you don't read them in POP Peeper. POP Peeper does not allow you to change the read status on the server (POP Peeper's read status only indicates that you have read the message within POP Peeper). The best way to synchronize POP Peeper's read status with the server is to download "headers." When POP Peeper retrieves headers, the server will not mark the message as read until you open the message in POP Peeper.

    To change this setting for all similar accounts:

    1. On the main menu, select Tools / Options
    2. Select the 'Message Retrieval' page
    3. In the 'Default retrieval options' section, change the appropriate value to 'Headers'
    4. Press OK to save

    To change this setting for a specific account:

    1. Enable Advanced options if not already enabled
    2. Edit the account by right-clicking on the account in the Accounts list and select 'Edit'
    3. Select the 'Advanced' page
    4. Change the 'Retrieval option' to 'Headers'
    5. Press the 'Update' button to save