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  • Open FAQ in new window Folders: How do I access folders other than the inbox?
  • This feature requires purchase of POP Peeper Pro or the POP Peeper Plus Pack

    Each folder that you want to access is a separate account. Here are the recommended methods for creating the folders that you want to access.


    1. Edit the "base" account -- the one that already checks your inbox messages
    2. Press the "IMAP Folders" button
    3. After a moment, you should see the folder list populate with the folders that already exist in your account
    4. Select the folder(s) that you want to add. Hold down the ctrl key to select multiple folders
    5. Press the "Auto-Create" button

    WebMail: (also available for IMAP)

    1. Right-click on the "base" account -- the one that you've probably already created to check your inbox -- and select "Duplicate Account." (click here if you don't see this option)
    2. Read and dismiss the information popup.
    3. You'll probably want to change the account name. Consider using the same account name as your base, and appending the folder name, that way, the folder will appear directly underneath the base account. For example, if your base account is named "GMail" use the account name, "GMail (Sent)" for your Sent folder.
    4. Now you'll want to select the folder you want checked. For Imap accounts, press the "IMAP Folders" button and then click the "Refresh" button to see a list of available folders to select from. For other types of accounts (Hotmail, Yahoo), you'll need to type in the name of an existing folder that you want to check.
    5. All other settings have been inherited from the base account and probably don't need to be changed. For folders that don't get much mail, you may want to change the polling interval (under 'Advanced') or disable entirely and only check manually.
    6. Press the "Update" button to save your changes.