POP Peeper v5.4.5 released

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Notable changes since the last official release:

  • Voice Notifier can now show additional voices: Enable “Additional voices” on the “General” page and then access the list on the “Notification” page (in Voice Notifier settings).
  • Fix for Yahoo IMAP issue showing empty headers for messages containing attachments (Yahoo server bug)
  • Fix for cases when messages were removed from the server externally and POP Peeper didn’t detect this

Voice Notifier — to add new voices, follow these basic steps:

1) Open the Windows start menu and type and open “Speech settings”
2) Click “Add voices” (bottom) and install whatever voices you want
3) In POP Peeper, go to main menu: Tools / Voice notifier -> settings
4) Enable “Include additional voices” on the General page
5) Go to the “Notification” page and you should now see the voices available that you installed on step #2