POP Peeper v5.4.1 released

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Notable changes since the last official release:

  • Oauth2 support for POP3 (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL)
  • “Prior unread” has been added as an available view-message toolbar button and an option for delete action; note: “prior” is used instead of “previous” for width considerations
  • Configuration files added for @verizon.net and updated for AT&T-based domains
  • Plus Pack: Sent Mail Viewer adds keyboard shortcuts to access the Message/Account/Folder lists (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3) as there was no other way to access these lists via keyboard


  1. Just tried to DL the program using my REG # but all I got was a file named “unconfirmed” which states it is “crdownload” with a file size of 5,430KB and it does nothing.
    I’ll try again later and see what I get. Perhaps a winning lottery ticket that I can then trade for an upgrade,,

    Excuse the caps. It’s been a long day and I’m tired

    • “crdownload” is a chrome-specific temporary file. The full size of the file (Pro+PlusPack) is 5888KB, so it looks like you only got a partial/corrupted download. Delete the file and try again. That being said, it’s not really necessary to download via the “Product Request” page anymore. You can auto-update through POP Peeper (assuming that you already have v5+).

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