Preview: Aeris Calendar v3.0

June 20, 2017

Aeris Calendar will soon be getting a major update.  The most notable feature is support for the iCalendar format, which means that you’ll be able to view your online calendars from Google, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of Aeris Calendar v3.0:

Click on the thumbnail for full-screen.  For comparison, here’s a screenshot from Aeris Calendar v2.0:
Aeris Calendar v2.0 comparison

Check below for the differences in these two screenshots.


This next screenshot shows a new feature of the desklet:

The “todo” list from Aeris v2 has been replaced with a 3-day forecast.  The “todo” list is still available if you prefer that.




See if you can find the significance of this screenshot:
Hint: it’s weather-related.

There’s a new “current weather theme” available that will update the background image to match the current weather.

Also depicted in this screenshot: the clock face can be changed and several templates are included by default or you can easily add your own.


Here’s one more screenshot from the new “Schedule” page:

This shows that calendars can be used for more than just holidays, birthdays and your personal schedule; you can also access the schedules of your favorite sports teams, for example.



Here’s a run-down of the most notable features in v3.0:

  • Support for online calendars (iCalendar file format and webcal protocol)
  • New “Blue sky” theme has higher resolution (screenshot #1)
  • New analog clock with adjustable clock face (screenshot #1)
  • New “Schedule” page (screenshot #1,4) which shows events and agenda in a new format
  • Text on Calendar has a shade box for improved legibility (screenshot #1)
  • New icons: weather (screenshot #1)
  • New icons: moon phases (screenshot #1)
  • New icons: navigation (screenshot #1)
  • Desklet displays 3-day forecast (screenshot #2)
  • Current Weather theme (screenshot #3)
  • Weather has an ‘overview’ page, showing current, 3-day and hourly forecast
  • Reminders have the option to use synthesized voice
  • Calendar can start on Monday (or any day of the week)
  • Several new high-resolution background images are included
  • Notes can be searched

POP Peeper v4.4 released

May 11, 2017

POP Peeper v4.4 has been released, you may download it here:

The highlights of v4.4 are:
– Improved memory usage
– Enhanced SSL security
– Easier account creation
– Improved IMAP error handling

You can see the entire change log for v4.4 here:

Note: The Plus Pack has NOT been updated for v4.4; v4.3 remains the latest version.  This means that you can use the above webpage for downloading without needing to update the Plus Pack.


POP Peeper v4.4 preview

February 8, 2017

There are a couple of notable changes coming in POP Peeper v4.4:

  1. An improved method for creating new accounts
  2. Memory and load-time optimizations

New account creation:
In POP Peeper v4.4, POP Peeper will lookup the server information for your domain (based on your email address) from various sources, including an online database.  As long as the domain is listed, you won’t have to worry about entering the specific details (server address, port, SSL, and even whether your login name is ‘’ or just ‘jsmith’).  If you have your own personal domain, then you can create a simple xml file containing the information and store it either locally or on your website.  The create-account wizard has also been streamlined so that there are fewer pages to go through for this automated process.

Memory and load-time optimizations
Since the beginning, POP Peeper has stored message data in memory.  This was acceptable 15 years ago when 2-5 MBs (yes, MegaBytes) was the typical storage you were allowed for email.  But times have changed and so many people end up keeping gigabytes of messages in their inbox folder.  Besides a waste of memory, this would often lead to program crashes if more than 1GB of memory was required.

As of POP Peeper v4.4, the message data will be kept in the database until it’s needed (ie. you open the message).  This will significantly improve the amount of memory that POP Peeper uses.   Also, because POP Peeper v4.4 doesn’t need to load the entire message at load-time, the database has been optimized to improve how quickly it can start by using significantly fewer resources (cpu time and disk access).

If you’re interested in testing v4.4 before its official release, please contact me as I would like to collect before and after results.  A public beta will be available at a later date.


POP Peeper v4.3

October 25, 2016

POP Peeper v4.3 is now available.  This update addresses issues with DPI and other bug fixes and adds some minor features including the capability to add notes to your accounts.


Version changes

If you have registered the Plus Pack, it is recommended that you use the Product Request form instead of using the above download link so that you can get v4.3 of both POP Peeper and the Plus Pack in a single installer:

Product request form



Happy 15th birthday to POP Peeper

August 20, 2016

It seems like just 15 years ago that I started working on a personal email notifier because… well, who remembers?  On August 23, 2001, I put v.1 on my home page, known as “Mortal Universe Software Entertainment” (MUSE) back then, hosted on whatever ISP I was using at the time.  A few months later, I submitted v1.0 to — thinking it was finished — and moved onto other things.  About a month later, published it and I started getting feedback.

One of the first requests I received was to support Hotmail (it really was called “Hotmail” back then).  I thought it was an interesting idea.  In hindsight, it was one of the best and worst decisions… 🙂

The oldest version of POP Peeper I could find in my archives was v2.3.1, released May 21, 2004.  There have been some changes since then, but it’s easy to see that the interface hasn’t changed too much in 11+ years.  I don’t think that there was even a menu in the first versions.  Here’s a screenshot of v2.3.1 running on Windows 10:

POP Peeper v2.3.1 on Windows 10

POP Peeper v2.3.1 on Windows 10








But enough nostalgia!  For those interested in the programs of today — to celebrate POP Peeper’s 15th birthday, there’s a 15% store-wide discount this week, through August 27, 2016: