POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Themes

October 19, 2018

Theme: Dark

Theme: Dark (View message)

Theme: Dark (Compose)









Themes will be available in v5.0, so if you don’t like the default “Light” theme that Windows defaults to, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of color schemes.  Themes only consist of colors (no graphics), and you can still use the stock Windows GUI if you prefer.  The above theme is the likely candidate (tbd) to be the default “Dark” theme available in POP Peeper, but there are currently over 100 themes that will be available to fit your style; or, you can create your own.

Desktop Alert

Desktop Alert (Theme: Dark)







The Desktop Alert is also getting a much-needed makeover.  By default, it will match the theme that you have selected for POP Peeper, but it also has options for a stock “Dark” and “Light” theme; you can also go back to the “Classic” theme if you’d prefer.  The details list can now be displayed on either the left or the right side (or it can still be hidden) and can include some information about the last message received.


Below will be some screenshots of various themes that have already been designed.  You can click on the images to get the full view.
















POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Updated graphics

October 11, 2018

POP Peeper v5 will update many graphical elements.  In order to avoid system shock to long-time users, the original source graphics are used in many cases, but some new graphics were necessary for others.  The new graphics are similar to the original graphic to avoid any potential confusion. The graphics that have gotten an overhaul are:

  • User flags
  • AntiJunk indicators
  • Status bar buttons
  • New Mail Desktop Alert

Also, it was not necessary to update the toolbar buttons (“Junk view” being the one exception), but a few toolbar buttons have received some minor touch-ups.

Onto the pictures — please click on the thumbnails below to see them in full-scale.  The v4 screenshot is provided for a direct comparison.  For these screenshots, 125% DPI was used and the message list font has been set to 11-point, which may make the message list appear larger than you’re used to.

v5 main window

v4 main window








When you view a message, the user-flag is displayed larger than on the message list and the necessity to use higher quality images becomes more apparent:

v5 View message

v4 View message










The updated graphics are 32-bit and are higher resolution than what was previously used.  This results in a much smoother and higher quality look, especially for anyone who uses high DPI — no more jaggies!  It also means that the images can be displayed larger without a loss in quality.

But… Why?!?

POP Peeper has always favored function over form, so this may seem like an unnecessary update.  But one of the problems with the old graphics is that they don’t look good against a dark background.  In v4, it’s possible to have a black or dark background if you’re using high-contrast settings in Windows, or if you set POP Peeper to use a certain color for the message list (via PPtweaker).  Neither of these are very common and so it wasn’t considered a vital issue.  But the number of people using a different colored background is likely to change in POP Peeper v5.  And, yes, it has something to do with that new icon in the status bar, but that’s a topic for another time…



POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Rule Wizard

August 30, 2018

The Rule Wizard allows you to create a rule based on the selected message.  This can be used to create a rule for either legitimate or junk messages.  For example, you may want to play a unique sound when you receive email from a certain sender, or automatically delete email from a specific domain, etc.  This makes it much more convenient to quickly add a rule.

In the following example, I’ve received an email from Amazon.com and I would like a special icon to be displayed next to all email that I receive from Amazon.

First, I select the message and press the “Rule Wizard” button in the toolbar (the “Rule Wizard” button is also available when viewing the message).


I’m given the choice of creating a “Legitimate” or “Junk” rule, or “Append to existing rule.”  I’ll select “Legitimate” since I’m expecting legitimate messages from Amazon.


Next, I must choose which part of the message I want to create a rule for: Sender, Subject or Message.  I’ll select “Sender” because I want to create a rule for email I receive from Amazon.


This page will have slightly different options based on my previous choice.  Since I’ve selected the Sender, I’m given a variety of choices regarding the user’s email address and name.  In this example, I want to apply a rule to email from any amazon.com address — and not a specific email address — so I’ll choose “email address domain.”  I don’t need to add any additional requirements for this rule, so I’ll press “Accept and continue.”


I’m now given the choice of what actions I want to perform when I receive email from Amazon.com.  Because this is a “Legitimate” message, many choices are not available had I selected a “Junk” rule; for example, I cannot delete this message.  I want to display an icon that will stand out when I receive messages from Amazon, so I find the appropriate icon in the “User flag” dropdown.  This particular Amazon icon does not ship with POP Peeper, but you can add your own custom icons.  After selecting the icon, I press Next.


Finally, I name and review the rule, and then press Finish.

To test that the rule works as expected, I can re-evaluate the message and see that the icon appears as expected:


The main goal of the Rule Wizard is to provide an easier method of accessibility for what is already available in POP Peeper v4 (via the AntiJunk interface).  While using the AntiJunk interface is very powerful, it is not very convenient for casual use.  Most rules are conceived when you receive an email that needs attention, so the Rule Wizard provides an accessible way to quickly create a rule while viewing the message.


POP Peeper’s 17th birthday

August 23, 2018

It’s POP Peeper’s 17th birthday today and the celebration continues for the rest of the month — everything in the Esumsoft store is 17% off for a limited time!

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POP Peeper v5 sneak peep: Imap upload part 2

July 26, 2018

After announcing the “Imap upload” feature last week, I realized that it relied too much on knowing “how it worked.”  That is, if you didn’t know that you could drag&drop .eml files from Windows Explorer onto the Account List, you may never know that this feature existed.  And, once you had the “upload” window open, there was no indication that you could drag&drop *more* files onto the window (or how to remove messages from being uploaded).  So, an “upload” item was added to the main ‘File’ menu and the window was re-designed:







If that was all that changed, then I wouldn’t bother posting an update.  But while on the topic of dragging&dropping messages, I decided that the current method of using a toolbar button to move messages to a different folder was not very user-friendly.  So you can now drag&drop messages from the message list onto an account/folder:

If the folder that you want to move the messages to doesn’t exist in POP Peeper, you can simply drag the messages on to your main account and POP Peeper will ask you what folder you want to move the messages into (or create a new folder).

Currently, you cannot move messages from one email address to a different email address using this method (although it could be done using Archive combined with the new Imap Upload feature), but let me know if this is something you’re interested in — this could be added into a v5.x release if it’s useful for enough people.