POP Peeper Free: Banner

What is this banner?

You may occasionally see a banner above the message list which provides a link to purchase POP Peeper Pro or another Esumsoft product. This banner does not interfere with your ability to use POP Peeper.

POP Peeper doesn’t show 3rd party ads or sell your data; the only way that Esumsoft makes money is when you purchase an Esumsoft product like POP Peeper Pro. For most people, the free version is more than sufficient for their needs, but this banner is a way to increase awareness that there is a premium version available and you can support POP Peeper by purchasing a license.

How do I remove the banner?

The banner can be removed by purchasing a license for POP Peeper. This can be a license for POP Peeper Pro and/or the Plus Pack; this includes the POP Peeper bundle and Triple Pack. A subscription to POP Peeper’s WebMail service will also disable the banner.

Some banner campaigns will only be shown under certain conditions. For example, people with more accounts will see a banner more often than people with a small number of accounts.

Is POP Peeper sending any personal data to a server associated with this banner?

No — POP Peeper will periodically check the esumsoft.com server for updates to the banners that you’ll see, but there is no specific information/data included with this request (standard statistical information is shared when you access any website, such as your IP address). No data is provided to 3rd parties.